Data Governance Advisory


Data Governance Advisory

With the advent of Sensor technology, there has been a tremendous change in Health management. There has been an explosion of data generation, the formats of data have become inconsistent and storage has increased exponentially. To manage its member health and expectations, it has become mandatory for Health systems to deal with all types of information. This has led to need of a structured approach in managing the data. Data Management / Data Governance programs help in managing data at scale.

Traditional approaches to data governance use quality assurance strategies that try to improve data quality for a small number of data assets. With enterprise data landscapes growing in volume and complexity, such approaches are no longer feasible for enterprise-level data governance. 

Data Governance

A good data governance program consists of the following layers

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    Data Cataloging

    Cataloging the data sources is critical to the success of any Data Program. JBS’s toolset connects to the Healthplan environment and creates a catalog of all databases in the environment.

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    Data Profiling

    Database is profiled and analyzed for statistical completeness. Informative summaries are created for quality of dataset helping uncover inconsistencies, anomalies and redundancies in data.

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    Data Lineage

    The flow of information from one database to another is analyzed and created to understand the impact of change of data elements on the data ecosystem.

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    Data Quality Management

    JBS combines Quality Rules along with Data Policies and Processes to standardize and cleanse the Data Ecosystem. It comes with pre-built rules for immediate impact.

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    Data Aggregation

    JBS helps in integrating and harmonizing data residing in different sources and databases, providing users with a unified view of these data assets.

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    Data Migration

    Once the enterprise data landscape is organized, cleansed and integrated, it can be moved into on premise databases or cloud. The output formats can be changed using JBS Data Migration toolset.