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Lean-Agile SAFe Transformations

Becoming a truly Lean enterprise can make the difference between just surviving and thriving in a world driven by digital transformation. Enterprises embrace a more fluid way of working to compete effectively. One that quickly allows for new technologies to be assessed, tested, analyzed, and acted upon. This ‘fail fast, succeed faster’ mentality requires a fundamental shift in work culture and behavior.
Our goal is to enable organizations to scale the benefits of Lean and Agile throughout every level of the organization, creating efficiencies, and linking strategy to execution to empower employees and achieve business results and transform into a digital business.

Our unique approach, experience and partnership will ensure that your company is able to navigate challenges of the Agile transformation process by creating sense of urgency, change in mindset, leadership support and thrive in the competitive market.

Our partnership will include training the teams on scaled agile framework, creating sense of urgency, solidifying and communicating organization’s vision and strategy, optimizing value streams, modernize your processes, implementing the roadmap and bringing significant results.

Data Governance

We have the trainings and certifications you need.

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    SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)

    For leaders to support Agile Teams, programs, and Program Portfolio Management. Coordinate and lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale.

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    SAFe Agilist (SA)

    For leaders to support Agile Teams, programs, and Program Portfolio Management. Coordinate and lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale.

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    SAFe Practitioner (SP)

    For Lean-Agile team members to gain experience in a SAFe Agile Release Train (ART), write user stories, plan and execute Iterations.

  • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5

    SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP)

    Attendees will learn what DevOps is, why it is important to every role, and design a continuous delivery pipeline that is tailored to their business.

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    SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM)

    For Product Management Office professionals to apply economic prioritization, and develop skills writing epics, Capabilities, Features, and user stories within the context of SAFe.

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    SAFe Scrum Master (SCM)

    For Scrum Masters learning about their role in a SAFe enterprise context. Learn to facilitate Team and Program Level events for successful program execution.

We have the SPC’s that can help create lean-agile mindset and create the pathway for successful digital transformation.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) enterprises

Typical results reported by Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) enterprises include

  • refresh-database-1856_a6704a77-603a-45b0-925d-41498e0fb1aa

    Data transformation

    25 – 75 percent improvement in quality• 30 – 75 percent faster time-to-market

  • radar-signal-727_b1dcc914-3ee5-449c-941e-d4684ee50ba3

    Digital enablement

    20 – 50 percent increase in productivity

  • handshake-2819_4c48473b-74a8-4575-890d-e1824695a74c

    Innovation partnership

    10 – 50 percent increase in employee engagement and job satisfaction