Our Services


Data and Analytics Consulting

Locked in your Data are insights to build new competitive advantages. Jade helps uncover these insights to guide you to your success. We help our customers with

  • Modernizing the data landscape
  • Cloud based ingress of all your data, standardizing and reducing the costs.
  • Optimize the usage of data by improving data quality and collating.
  • Build data model and algorithms, utilizing internal and external sources needed for critical analysis
  • Build modern data platforms to serve to the varied needs, critical for your decision making process
  • Visualize the information needed, reducing time to crunch and present business ready insights.

Data Onboarding

Offline or Online data not available for visualization or analysis leads tremendous opportunity costs. JBS has expertise in leveraging technologies and cloud environments such as AWS , GCP, Azure or Hybrid and to onboard data and make it available for consumption. These leads to quicker data ingestion, faster access and analysis of data.


Domain services

JBS has experience is several industries and has build industry analytics models. These models serve as accelerators and progress customer journey to become a data driven organization

We have expertise in the following industries

  • Healthcare Payer
  • PnC Insurance
  • Commodity Trading

We leverage the industry expertise for Data Integration and Correlation, Collation and Curation, Out of the box Datawarehouse, and Prebuild Dashboards/Reports

We also provide AI services for domains and build advance analytical models such as Health Risk stratification model, Musculoskeletal Risk/prediction models, Synthetic exposure for commodity portfolios etc.


Enterprise Data Modeling

JBS helps organization build integrated view of their data. To build integrated view, related processes that consume and store data across the organization need to be designed and built with a focus on business needs and objectives.

An enterprise data model unifies business topology, collects, collates and correlates the data along with the governance processes needed to build and maintain it.  Enterprise data architecture drives this modeling and Jade bringing significant experience of building industry or bespoke models to help our customer. We have delivered Data vaults, canonical, normalized, and dimensional models.


Data visualization

JBS has deep expertise in knowledge in several domains:  Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities and Insurance: to help define Key Performance Indicators and leverage visualization tools (PowerBI, Tableau, Qlikview and Looker) to help organizations bring multi source data, collate and visualize insights. Our expertise is in building easy to consume dashboards with business insights for customers and their clients or employees.


Advanced Analytics

Are you asking enough questions from your data to help you determine your organization’s future?

Insights from your data help you reinvent your organization by building competitive assets and differentiators. Our advance analytics helps our customers leverage AI with cloud to answer questions humans cannot. These answers help our customers launch new services, offering and expand their portfolio. It also improves internal data and AI maturity to fuel business growth.

JBS integrates with your Datawarehouse’s, data marts, disparate sources to process and clean the data. Mine, explore, and wrangle the data and build models to generate and visualize results. We help our customers validate the results to make sure they align with the objectives and remove noise from signals.


Data Security

Data Security, in the context of analytics, means to protect digital information from unauthorized access. This can start from protecting data in the data stores, data lakes, blob storage and databases. Creating security context for appropriate access, roles and privileges. For many organizations, specializing healthcare, securing PII (Personally identifiable information) and PHI (Protected Health information) is business critical. This all has to be accomplished along with access to all the insights.

JBS has experience in delivering Data security solution for secure analytics systems. We have experience in working

    • Compliance monitoring
  • Data Masking
  • Data Encryption
  • Row / column / user level security from DW to Visualization

Cloud Services

JBS Cloud Migration services help you implement your cloud strategy with a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration. Migrating will help you consolidate and optimize costs, restructuring to leverage cloud components will help you modernize your application landscape.

JBS has provided cloud-based data platform, products, serverless architectures, integration services, reporting services for clients.