Improve patient outcomes and lower provider costs by building powerful data-driven solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions help healthcare payers, providers, ASOs and integrated systems improve their operations in a variety of ways. With proper data analytics and reporting, you can turn big data into actionable information that you can use to:

  • Build risk stratification models to identify high risk patients
  • AI based care coordination models to help with self-care
  • Identify claims leakages and mitigate the same

On top of this, we can help you leverage cutting-edge cloud technology to keep your member and claims data secure and ensure that everyone in your facility can access all the relevant insights.

Use Claims data to identify High Risk members and engage them in Care Coordination

Identify high risk patients early and build complex risk stratification models by combining claims, pharmacy, laboratory data with demographics, social and lifestyle data. Build a patient outreach program and engage them using nurse helplines for improving overall health and reducing overall cost of care.

How We Help Healthcare Payers

We work with payers, ASOs, integrated health systems, brokers and many more in the payer ecosystem. By leveraging your data, JBS ensures you’re a good member experience while proactively managing health, encouraging members to sign up for care coordination and reduce overall cost care while improving member health.

Use the data your healthcare facility collects to minimize costs and improve patient outcomes.

Your healthcare facility has a duty to provide the best possible patient experiences. But as the leader of such a facility, you also take responsibility for reducing costs and managing services that combine to create positive outcomes.


The data you collect enables you to move toward a value-based care model while ensuring you can adapt to ever-changing regulations. Create a flexible and agile data infrastructure that increases resiliency in an evolving industry.

How We Help Healthcare Providers

We work with rehabilitation services, hospital systems, pharmacies, dentists, and many other types of healthcare providers. By leveraging your data, JBS ensures your facility improves operational efficiency and reduces costs while providing exceptional patient outcomes.

All Under One Roof

Get access to a detailed executive dashboard that demonstrates the relationships between your different datasets. Understand how your financial, workforce, patient, and quality data interweave so you can maximize staff efficiency while reducing patient turnover.

A Better Patient Experience

Receive reports that keep your people informed about relevant patient history, insurance, and demographic data. Our secure reporting systems supplement your team’s understanding of their patients while offering the protection required for patient confidentiality.

Cost Optimization

Analyze your supplier, inventory, and vendor data to streamline your supply chain. Discover where you’re wasting funds and unlock new opportunities to make savings.

In-Depth Analytics

Receive in-depth analytics for all your data-driven solutions. This allows you to create personalized experiences and develop custom insurance plans, allowing patients to make key decisions about their healthcare.

Integrated Data Solutions

Integrate your existing solutions into a modern data infrastructure that allows you to leverage modern tools to benefit your patients. Offer the support your analysts, data scientists, and clinicians need to provide their services. Manage multiple clinics by integrating data access across several locations.