We work with banks, wealth management firms, mortgage, PE Firms, and brokerages to help them leverage data to make intelligent financial decisions.

Big data has revolutionized the financial sector in several ways. AI takes into account social and political trends to predict how the stock market moves. Machine learning allows us to perform unbiased risk analyses to confidently make decisions. If you want your business to stay current, you should adopt the solutions that can make this happen.

Our team will set up an extensive data strategy that will:

  • Protect your data from evolving cyberattacks
  • Ensure compliance with the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements
  • Remove unneeded data silos to establish more streamlined operations.

Get access to the right data at the right times to make business-critical financial decisions.

Data is the name of the game in the financial industry. Whether you operate a bank, brokerage, or wealth management firm, you’re constantly tracking data to make key decisions related to risk management, business decisions, and consumer products.

How We Help Finance Companies

Our solutions are designed to give you access to the real-time data that drives your decision-making.

Manage Risk

Analyze core risk factors in your products, including late repayment patterns, income checking, and loss provisions. Make data-driven decisions related to product creation and loan approval.

Automated Data Cleansing and Reporting

Remove the costly manual aspects of your data cleansing and reporting processes. JBS pulls data from a wide variety of sources to provide accurate reports that inform your decisions.

Adapt to Compliance Issues

Regulatory requirements change constantly in the financial sector. Your data solutions help you stay on top of compliance issues so everything you do is up to date with current regulations.

Branch Analytics

Use your data to identify trends in branch activity, customer demographics, and market performance. Leverage your understanding of these trends to improve branch performance.

Portfolio Management

Get detailed reports that tell you how your portfolios are doing, offer market predictions, and help you make investment decisions.