Data Visualization

Visualize complicated data to gain crucial business insights.

Complex data is impossible to sift through without appropriate visualization tools. JBS leverages several tools, including PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, and QlikView, to collate the data pulled from multiple sources into powerful visual insights.

Our Data Visualization Solutions

Receive the tools you need to see exactly what your data is telling you about your business and industry.

Data Exploration

Using Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) frameworks, we create consistency in legacy data, leading to more valuable insights.

Seamless Migration

Our team also helps you seamlessly migrate reports and dashboards from various platforms, including, Get all your insights in a single location rather than jumping between platforms to source reports.

PowerBI Services

We maintain a team of certified Power BI professionals who help you convert massive and complex data sources into appealing visualizations that answer key business questions and provide strategic insight. (Learn more)

Actionable Reports and Dashboard

We build real-time, actionable dashboards and reports using intelligent visualization software. Gain a comprehensive overview of your data, track KPIs, and gain new insights in an understandable format.

Automated Performance Monitoring

Our automated performance monitoring tools track report run times and usage, allowing us to identify delays, analyse causes, and remove unnecessary reports.

Security and Data Governance

JBS can create different access tiers for PI, PII, and PHI attributes within your data stacks. With our help, you ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements using intelligent Row and Column-based security measures implemented at the database and report levels.

Why Choose JBS

Experience and Expertise

Our team of 120+ experts and has 54+ years extensive founder’s expertise in building Data and Analytical services for on-premises, cloud and hybrid for all size of businesses and industries.

Customized Solution

We recognize that every business has different demands, which is why we offer modifiable solutions that may be tailored to your organization’s requirements.

Cost effective solution

Our cost-effective services offer significant cost savings, flexibility, and scalability, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Data Security and Compliance
Our solutions are designed to ensure the secure, store and accessibility of your data, and our security measures are regularly updated to reduce risks and threats.

Visualize What Your Data Tells You

Clear and Comprehensive reporting

Easily share your data insights with short reports highlighting essential facts and trends.

Understand your data

Visualise complicated data sets in an easy-to-understand format, helping you to acquire deeper insights and make more educated decisions.

Create consistency

Create standardized reporting formats and visualizations to maintain uniformity throughout your organization and promote a unified understanding of data.

Expert training

Expert data visualization training will enable your staff to successfully understand and present data in relevant ways.

Examine intricate data

Navigate and easily analyze complicated data sets, extracting useful information and revealing hidden patterns or relationships.

Data visualization Use cases

JBS’s Expert team can assist you in transforming data from various sources into powerful
graphics, allowing you to monitor goals and results, uncover opportunities, estimate demand, and
more. Here are some of the use cases:


  • Tracking patient outcomes
  • Monitor resource allocation
  • Track patient experience
  • Assessing trends in disease incidence.


  • Analyze supply chain data
  • Track carbon footprint
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Equipment monitoring and maintenance.


  • Visualize financial data
  • Track performance of investment portfolios
  • Identify and assess potential risk
  • Customer analytic

Oil and Gas

  • Monitor equipment health and predict risk
  • Tracks operations in real-time
  • Exploration of geological data
  • Track inventory and optimize the supply chain.

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into an Increasingly Data-Driven World?

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