Data Visualization

Visualize complicated data to gain crucial business insights.

Complex data is impossible to sift through without appropriate visualization tools. JBS leverages several tools, including PowerBI, Tableau, Looker and Qlikview, to collate the data pulled from multiple sources into powerful visual insights.

Our Data Visualization Solutions

Receive the tools you need to see exactly what your data is telling you about your business and industry.

Intelligent Software

Get reports from intelligent visualization software that presents data in understandable ways. Instant reports show whether you’re meeting Key Performance Indicators and help you understand data in new ways. We maintain a team of certified Power BI professionals who help you convert massive and complex data sources into appealing visualizations that answer key business questions and provide strategic insight.

Create Consistency

Using Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) frameworks, we create consistency in legacy data that leads to more valuable insights. Our team also helps you seamlessly migrate reports and dashboards from various platforms, including Spotfire and Tableau, to Power BI. Get all of your insights in a single location rather than jumping between platforms to source reports.

Real-Time Insights

Reduce latency from data generation to consumption inmere minutes. With real-time insights from JBS’s visualizations, you leverage your data at the point where it’s most valuable rather than accessing it once its value decreases.

Security and Data Governance

JBS can create different access tiers for PI, PII, and PHI attributes within your data stacks. With our help, you ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements using intelligent Row and Column-based security measures implemented at the database and report levels.

Automated Performance Monitoring

Automated performance monitoring tools check report run times and usage. Report performance is measured against pre-established benchmarks, allowing us to identify delays, analyze their causes, and fix the reports. We also notify you if a report hasn’t been used during the previous six months to validate its necessity and expunge it if necessary.

In-Depth Training

Our expert data consultants train your team so they can make the most out of our data visualization solutions.

Visualize What Your Data Tells You

  • Clear and comprehensive reporting
  • Understand your data
  • Create consistency
  • Expert training
  • Sift through complex data

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