Data Architecture

Gain valuable insights from huge
volumes of data.

Increase your usage of large volumes of data with sturdy data architecture. We build architectures that scale with your company so you’re able to glean insights from data as your company grows.

Our Data Architecture Services

Enterprise Solutions

We build on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid architecture solutions based on your organization’s requirements. Our customized architecture supports everything you need to do with your data.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your existing data into a cloud-based architecture. Leverage insights from old data to power new business strategies.

Data Warehouses

We create modern data warehouses that store your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. With everything in one location, your data architecture is simplified.

Detailed Reporting

JBS conducts regular health checks on every platform used in your architecture. You’ll know what to tweak, what to change, and how you can adapt to changing marketplaces.

Build a Data Solution

  • Update old data architecture
  • Handle increasing data volumes
  • Scale data solutions with your business
  • Migrate legacy data
  • Centralize data storage

Industries We Work With