Advisory Services


Business Advisory

JBS helps Health Systems and Health IT companies in modernizing the Eligibility, Claims and Networks business areas. With deep expertise in Enrolment, Claims Processing and Network Adequacy, it helps companies in reviewing current business processes and systems and defining a roadmap for helping them modernize.


Technology Roadmap Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions are a way to grow for Health Systems. JBS helps in reviewing the technology landscape for the two business entities and creating a road map for the merged Entity.


Data Strategy

Businesses have invested heavily into data and yet are not seeing the return on their investments. Our expert consultants with deep industry experience know how to turn data into an asset, thereby adding new business enterprise value.

Our team and consultants know how to bring together disparate data from internal and external resources, suppliers, partners, vendors, and new acquisitions. They can then find the most efficient way of acquiring, storing, mapping, enriching, and treating your valuable data. Most importantly, they advise and implement a solution for measuring and improving program effectiveness according to the company’s strategic plan.

We utilize an expert approach in defining organizational objectives, assessing the current landscape, then reviewing the current state and measuring data maturity levels. We perform a gap assessment and provide recommendations around 5 key areas of business.

These key areas are strategy, governance, data quality, operations, and platform and architecture. Taken together, these areas improve the organization’s ability to turn data into added value and reach the goal of becoming a data-driven organization.