About Us

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About Us

Jade Business Services aims to build data-driven organizations.

We are a niche consulting firm with the simple goal of leveraging our deep expertise to build data-driven cultures for clients.


Combining almost 50 years of experience in the data and business worlds, JBS’s founders are industry experts. We’ve served some of the largest enterprises in the U.S. However, our skills extend to companies of any size, ensuring that everybody from startups to Fortune 500 companies can leverage their data.

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Our History

JBS’s co-founders bring rich experience in the data sector into their work. Building from this solid foundation, we have created a talented team that serves businesses in a range of industries.

JBS founders go back to their engineering days. College mates with the same big dream of entrepreneurship. Early 2017, exploring the same path, complimented with common goals, skill, and values, created Jade Business Services, and chartered a path for exponential growth.

Coming from two different professional experiences, and a common desire to work on data and analytics, motivated to them to work smart and hard to set a vision. Dreaming big is something is the start, and making it happen is an arduous journey. JBS started in 2017 in Dallas, USA.


Opening of the JBS HQ in Dallas in April 2018


offshore presence

Building its offshore presence in Pune, India, in 2019


Expanding its base of employees to over 50 in 2021


India operations

Expanding its India operations, adding a new office in Hyderabad in 2022

Acquiring Bengaluru

Acquiring Bengaluru (Bangalore) based Ethiraj Associates in 2022 giving JBS a strength of over 110+ Jedis and strong India presence

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Why Do Clients Choose JBS?

Extensive Experience

In addition to the collective experience brought to JBS by our company founders, we maintain an insightful and talented team of experts.

Streamlined Implementation and Integration

We do far more than recommended data-powered solutions for your business. We help you integrate those solutions into your existing processes and provide extensive support.

Undeniable Results

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped many organizations solve problem-built roadmaps and modernize their data, analytics, and integration landscapes to help achieve their technology and business objectives.

Working with JBS

At JBS, we build leaders. As a result, employees are empowered to make decisions and take risks. Success or Failure, employees are encouraged to work and learn from experience.
Team members are given enough space to decide how they want to work and the flexible timing they wish to work, and we also work hard to mitigate self-doubt among the team members.
At JBS, we believe in gender equality and providing growth opportunities to personnel who had a gap in work or have shown commitment but need to be retrained for upskilling.
Consequently, JBS has become an inspiring and hopeful place for the working women who had a few years of break in their careers to take care of their families. Providing flex working hours, work-from-home policies, and a strong training mandate, JBS has attracted women employees, and today, it comprises 60% of the workforce.
If you want an environment that has an open culture, risk-taking, honesty, hard work, and belief in diversity, JBS is the place to work. So, contact us to be our next Jedi.

Meet our Team Members

Deepak Chandwani


Uma Duvvuri

Senior Vice President

Varun Ethiraj

Director-India Business Unit